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Privacy Policy

Veritas Check is committed to respecting your privacy and personal information. We comply with the Australian Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988. We reserve the right to change, modify or update this privacy policy at any time.

  1. What personal information does Veritas Check collect and hold?

    1. Personal Information

      Personal information means any information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. Veritas Check only collects the personal information that you choose to tell us, or which you authorise us to know, in order to provide you with a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC). The personal information that we collect may include, but is not limited to, names, gender, contact details, date and place of birth, driver’s licence details, previous and current addresses, billing information, and police history (if any). We may also collect biometric information in the form of photographs to confirm a link between you (the applicant) and the identity that you are claiming. Veritas Check only gathers the personal information that is necessary and required for providing a NCCHC and does so in a lawful, fair, and non-intrusive way.

      Due to the nature of the products and services that Veritas Check provides, some of your personal information that we collect may be sensitive in nature. This information will only be obtained with your express permission and consent, except where required by law.

    2. Direct Marketing

      Veritas Check is always working to improve our products and services to provide you with the best customer experience. By developing our technologies, we are able to collate information that we have about you and other customers to learn more about you and how we can improve our products and services. At times, we may use data analysis to determine what products or services may be of interest to you, and for general or direct marketing purposes.

      Veritas Check does not sell your personal information.

      If at any time you do not wish to receive direct marketing messages you can send us an email to unsubscribe.

    3. Non-Personal Information

      When you visit our website, our web server collects information that helps us understand your needs so we can offer you the best user experience. Information collected includes the pages you visit, the date and time of your visit, how long you were on the site, your IP address, how you came to the site, your top level domain name (for example: .com; .gov; .au), and the type of browser you are using. All information collected does not identify you personally.

  2. How does Veritas Check collect and hold your personal information?

    Excluding cases where applicants are under the age of 18 years and in other exceptional circumstances, Veritas Check collects personal information directly from you through your online application for a NCCHC, and through our other forms of correspondence with you. Veritas Check reserves the right to collect information where it is reasonable and practicable to do so from telephone and email communications.

    Veritas Check is compelled to hold records relating to your NCCHC application, including your identity documents and informed consent for the service, for 12 months. After this time, we will effectively dispose of these records within three months, creating a total possible period of retention of 15 months. Retaining your information is strictly for the purposes of meeting our legal and regulatory obligations and effectively managing our business. We aim to keep this information only for as long as is required.

    1. Security of Information

      Veritas Check stores hard-copy and electronic records using secure physical and digital safeguards that are designed to protect against the misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure of your personal information. These measures accord with the safeguard requirements outlined in Veritas Check’s agreement as an accredited body of the National Police Checking Service. All customer and operational data is held securely in data centres based in Australia. Authorised personnel control access to sensitive areas and staff are trained to be compliant with methods ensuring the safety of your information.

    2. Auditing, Quality Control and System Updates

      Veritas Check is committed to continually improving our business and works to ensure that undesired results are effectively reviewed and managed. Veritas Check implements a quality control process through monthly internal quality reviews which focus on the regular assessment of the company's quality objectives by our staff and management. Veritas Check conducts internal audits of its online screening platform annually alongside an independent audit once a year. The findings of these audits are reviewed and translated into actions and remedies that sustain the ongoing suitability and adequacy of our services.

  3. How is your personal information used and disclosed by Veritas Check?

    Veritas Check will only use and disclose personal information for the purpose of providing a NCCHC and for lawful, valid reasons that may be reasonably expected by an applicant. These reasons may include identity verification, complying with government and legal regulations, minimising the risk of loss or misuse of data, business management and communication with you as our customer. We may also use your information for specific reasons for which you have given your informed consent.

    Your information will only be disclosed by Veritas Check in certain circumstances pertaining to your NCCHC application. For example, we may check your identification documents with the Issuer or Official Record Holder to verify the accuracy of your information. Where applicable, we may also disclose your personal information to the employer/organisation named in the NCCHC application to assess your suitability in relation to your employment/entitlement.

    Finally, we may be required by law to disclose your personal information to government authorities or third parties involved in legal action. To securely transfer sensitive user information entered into online forms, Veritas Check uses sessions running on Transport Layer Security encryption connection. Veritas Check does not disclose personal information to any overseas recipients.

    Veritas Check uses sessions running on an SSL encrypted connection as a method for transferring sensitive user information entered into online forms.

  4. How can I access and make a correction to my personal information?

    You have the right to access your personal information held by Veritas Check. If you wish to update your personal information you may ask us to correct it. Before granting access or making any corrections to your personal information, we will need to verify your identity.

    In the event of a dispute regarding the result of the check, you will need to contact Veritas Check to complete a dispute resolution form to be reviewed by the police. You will be asked to outline the reasons for the dispute and provide documentation to support your claims. The police agency/ies responsible for the release of information on your NCCHC result will investigate the dispute and determine an appropriate outcome. The police agency/ies may request further information to support their investigation.

    Once the dispute has been concluded, Veritas Check will be advised of one of the following outcomes: “Successful dispute outcome” or “Unsuccessful dispute outcome”.

    If you wish to access or update information we hold about you, please call us on 1300 VERITAS (1300 837 482) or send us an email with your request.

  5. Making a Privacy Complaint

    If you believe we have breached the Australian Privacy Principles, please call us on 1300 VERITAS (1300 837 482) or send us an email. Veritas Check takes privacy of personal information very seriously. We aim to reply to your complaints before the end of the next business day. If our internal compliance process fails to resolve the matter, the issue can be referred to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

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