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Australian Federal Police Check

Do you need an AFP National Police Check for Immigration?

Planning to live or work in Australia or travelling overseas? Veritas Check can assist you in obtaining an AFP National Police Check issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Complete the Online Application Form

You will need to fill in details such as all names you have been known by, 10 years of residential address history, date and place of birth and contact details.

Upload Identification Documents

You will need access to a scanner or a mobile device with a camera to upload 100 points of Identification Documents. View Acceptable Documents

Receive your National Police Certificate

As soon as we receive your results they will be emailed to you instantly. Hard copy certificates are also available on request. View Sample Certificate



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Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

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Working in Australia

To be granted a visa for entry to Australia, you must be of 'good character'. In order for the Australian Government to determine whether you are of good character, you may be asked to provide National Police Checks for each country you have lived in for 12 months or more over the last 10 years since turning 16. If you have lived in Australia for 12 months or more you will need an AFP National Police Check.

For more information on working in Australia, visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Work in Australia web page.

Living in Australia

To live in Australia you must have a valid Australian visa. Your visa application may require you or your sponsor to provide an Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Check. You can apply for an AFP National Police Check through our online application.

For more information on visas to allow you to live in Australia, visit the DIBP Live in Australia web page.

Becoming an Australian Citizen

Do I need a National Police Check?

Applications for citizenship generally requires:

  • Identity documents
  • Good character documents
  • Supporting documents

Persons seeking Australian Citizenship aged 18 years of age or over must be of 'good character'. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection may request an AFP National Police Check from the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) depending on your application type. Your Australian Citizenship application form will provide a checklist of the documents required.

For more information on applying for an Australian Citizenship, visit the Australian Citizenship website.

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